Wrap It Up


In the business world it is appropriate that letters or notes expressing gratitude be written to people who go above and beyond the call of duty. The people who serve as sponsors for the CCS CTE Internship Program are accepting additional responsibility to mentor and provide you with a valuable learning experience. Even if you changed your career goals as a result of your internship, the experience is valuable to your future success. Sponsors are not compensated for the additional time they spend, so a simple thank you note means a great deal.

A legible handwritten note should be your final task. You should use a blank note card or formal thank you card. Proper grammar and spelling are very important. Your CDC can proofread your note prior to sending it. It is best to mail your note within two weeks of completing your internship. When you write a thank you note you are not only acting professionally, but you could be laying the groundwork for future opportunities.